Join our Book Club and enjoy reading cool books! 


9 - 11 years 

Children should be fluent and enthused readers in order to benefit from this club. 

Day, time and location

Once a month (9/10  times each year) 

Wädenswil: Tuesday 

18:30 - 20:00  

The Book Club is designed for English speaking children aged 9-11 years old who are fluent, enthusiastic readers. Children come to Book Club having read an agreed book.  


We read a variety of books each year; as well as some exciting modern fiction by up and coming authors, we also cover classics, short stories, historical novels and topical books.  The aim is to challenge and inspire children with their reading and give them new ideas for their future independent reading. Discovering what they don't enjoy, and why, is also very important.  Each child will be given a reading journal so they can record their responses.


What do we cover at our monthly meeting?
  • Each child presents a short talk that they have been asked to prepare in advance. These are wide-ranging in nature and include topics that children would cover in upper primary and lower secondary school in their home countries. This ensures a very detailed discussion and analysis of the book.

  • Children understand and use terms such as themes, setting, characters, antagonist/protagonist, conflict and resolution, foreshadowing,  climax as well as a variety of language features such as alliteration, onomatopoeia, metaphor and simile.

  • Children will experience paired and small group activities where they will be encouraged to present their ideas to the group

  • A short discussion about the author e.g. who they were, where they lived and in which historical time period, and how these influenced what they wrote.   

  • Children share their favourite books and authors with each other 

  • Each semester (Covid-permitting) we watch a film adaptation of a book with pizza and snacks or go to the cinema to compare the film and book versions. The children love this aspect of the group! 

  • We sometimes "meet" online with authors and interview them. Here is a link to one of three interviews we conducted with Robin Stevens, author of the popular "Murder Most Unladylike" series: 

  • We enjoy various artistic and dramatic responses  too

  • We eat yummy biscuits in our break and the children have a chance to socialise with one another

This is a truly dynamic book club that parents love and that children never want to leave! 

Exact location and dates, as well as the book list, will be given upon request.


What do parents think about the Book Club?

"I think the book club explores and opens up a new horizon of thought-provoking social, economic and emotional topics that my daughter would usually forego, but as part of the scheduled activity, she loves digging deeper and her awareness increases." 


— Parent of a child attending the Wollerau Book Club

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