The following prices apply to the academic year 2019 - 20

For ages, times and days of classes, please refer to the individual information pages under the menu header classes. 


Group lessons


  • Fun with Phonics             (70 min):    CHF 45.--

  • Fast Phonics                     (70 min):    CHF 45.--

  • Reading and Writing    I  (60 min):    CHF 50.--

  • Reading and Writing   II  (75 min):    CHF 45.--

  • Reading and Writing  III  (90 min):    CHF 48.--

  • Reading and Writing  IV  (90 min):    CHF 48.--

  • Reading and Writing   V  (75 min):    CHF 48.--

  • Reading and Writing  VI   (60 min):   CHF 45.--

  • Reading and Writing  VII  (60 min):   CHF 45.--

Charges are dependent on the location and number of children enrolled. The charges for all classes include photocopying, workbooks, reading books and many other resources plus time spent communicating with and advising parents.  

The International English textbooks and workbook (only applicable for older children) will need to be purchased separately (approx. 40 Fr per set) as these are not covered by the lesson fees. Fees are payable a semester in advance.

One to one Session


  • Session (30 min): CHF 60.--

For some group lessons, each child attends two individual 30 minute one to one sessions each academic year. These are held on a Friday/Saturday in October and April/ May and they are scheduled well in advance. Following each session, you will receive an assessment report about your child's literacy skills, strengths and any areas for improvement. 

Securing a place in a group lesson


  • Registration fee (non-refundable): CHF 100.--

  • Deposit (refundable): CHF 300.--


The refundable deposit will be retained in order to cover the cost of any resources lost/damaged or towards payment of fees should inadequate notice be given for withdrawing a child from class.  The registration fee is per family as a one-off payment. This payment includes the Links to Literacy book bag and any catch-up work that may be required. In addition, it includes pre-course tasks and a wooden treasure box for the Fun with Phonics class students. If it is not clear which class best meets a student's needs, then a free assessment will be provided. 

Private/Semi-Private Lessons

The cost varies depending on the location, the number of students and the length of the lesson. A deposit and registration fee are not required. Please enquire via the contact form or by email for exact fees.

Children's Book Club 


  • Session (90 min): CHF 50.-- payable a semester in advance. Deposit and registration fees are not required. 



Academic Year 2019 - 20
Lessons with Annelise at Wädenswil

Will follow a combined ZH (Wädenswil) and SZ (Hofe) schedule Schedule. Very unusually, the spring holidays do not overlap and so we will be taking a 3 week holiday. We usually take a 3-week break for the February half-term holiday.

Private and semi-private lessons by agreement. 


Semester One
19.08.2018 - 31.01.2020  (20 weeks)


Semester Two

03.02.2020  - 03.07.2020  (16 weeks)


Holiday Calendar

Autumn Holiday          07.10.2019 - 18.10.2019  2 weeks 

Christmas Break         23.12.2019 - 03.01.2020  2 weeks 

Sports Holiday            17.02.2020 - 06.03.2020  3-weeks 

Spring Break               13.04.2020 - 01.05.2020  3 weeks

Lessons with Jacqueline at Erlenmoos

Will follow the SZ (Höfe) Holiday Schedule.


Semester One

13.08.2019 - 22.01.2020 (20 weeks)

Semester Two

23.01.2020  - 03.07.2020 (19 weeks)

The one to one assessment days for semester two is scheduled for 01.04.2020 and 04.04.2020

Holiday Calendar

Autumn Holiday          30.09.2019 - 11.10.2019 2 weeks

Christmas Break          23.12.2019 - 03.01.2020 2 weeks

Sports Holiday             24.02.2020 - 06.03.2020 2 weeks

Spring Break                27.04.2020 - 08.05.2020 2 weeks



  • Fees are payable in full by the first week of class for each semester.  If the teacher has to cancel a lesson due to their sickness a refund will be offered. Cases of force majeure are excluded. Unfortunately, classes missed by the student for any reason cannot be reimbursed. However, as the homework will be provided,  no child should fall behind. 

  • Please inform us if you would prefer your child's photograph not to appear in our gallery or any other social or printed media. Of course, children's names are never posted next to photographs. 

  • Notice for the withdrawal of a child from group lessons is three full months before the end of a semester. Otherwise, the semester fees will be due in full. 

  • Parents are required to have health, accident and liability insurance for their children. 

  • Classes for the following academic year are organized in April and current students, and their siblings, always have priority.




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