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The following prices apply to the academic year 2023 - 24

Please contact us for information about the times and days of classes for the new academic year. 

Group lessons


  • All group lessons            (75 min):   CHF 45.  

  • Phonics Classes              (60 min):   CHF 40.


The charges for all classes include photocopying, writing books, workbooks, reading books and many other resources. 

One-to-one Session


  • Session (30 min): CHF 60.--

All younger children enrolled in group lessons attend two individual 30-minute one-to-one assessment sessions each academic year.  Following each session, you will receive an assessment report about your child's literacy skills; their strengths as well as any areas for improvement. 

Securing a place in a group lesson


  • One-off family registration fee (non-refundable): CHF 100.--

  • Deposit (refundable): CHF 300.--


The registration fee is per family as a one-off payment. This payment includes the Links to Literacy bookbag and any catch-up work that may be required. If it is not clear which class best meets a student's needs, then a free assessment will be provided. 

Private/Semi-Private Lessons

Please enquire: the cost varies depending on the location, the number of students and the length of the lesson.   

Children's Book Club 


  • Session (90 min): CHF 50.-- payable a semester in advance. Deposit and registration fees are not required.  The same terms and conditions apply to Book Club as the regular lessons, including the notice period. 

TERM DATES 2023-24                                         

Holiday Calendar

Spring Break   29.04.2024 - 10.05.2024  2 weeks

09.05.24 – 10.05.24 (Ascension)

20.05.24  (Whit Monday)

30.05.24  – 31. 05.24 (Corpus Christi)
last lesson 05.07.24

TERM DATES 2024-25                                         

Semester One

19.08.2024 - 24.01.2025

One-to-One Dates: Semester One

Becky's  - 2nd and 9th November, 2025

Annelise's  - 16th and 23rd November, 2025


Group lessons  - semester one 

18 lessons (17 lessons for Monday) 

Semester Two

27.01.2025 - 04.07.2025

Holiday Calendar

Autumn Holiday         30.09.2024 - 18.10.2024  3 weeks 

Christmas Break         23.12.2024 - 03.01.2025  2 weeks 

Sports Holiday            17.02.2025 - 07.03.2025  3 weeks 

Spring Break               28.04.2025 - 09.05.2025  2 weeks

Bank Holidays

06.01.24     Three Kings 

19.03.25     St Josef's Day (only lessons at Erlenmoos do not run                     on this day) 

18.04.25.    21.04.25 Easter 

29.05.25     30.05.24  Ascension and Bridge Day

09.06.25      Whit Monday

19.06.25      20.06.25  Corpus Christi and Bridge Day

Group lessons  - semester two

Mondays  -  16 lessons 

Tuesdays  18 lessons 

Wednesdays 18 lessons (17 for lessons at Erlenmoos)

Thursdays  - 16 lessons 

TERMS AND CONDITIONS                                                                                       
  • Fees are payable in full by the first week of class for each semester. Paying fees in installments is possible. 
  • Where appropriate, online lessons can take placeIf the teacher has to cancel a lesson and an online lesson or a supply teacher cannot be found, a refund/credit will be offered.  Unfortunately, classes missed by the student for any reason cannot be reimbursed. 

  • For missed lessons, the work can be collected or given to another pupil.  

  • Links to Literacy GmbH reserves the right to reassign teachers during a semester or to employ a supply teacher if needed. 

  • For late payments, we reserve the right to charge for (multiple) reminders and interest/fees on late payments. 

  • Social media: Children's faces do not appear on our social media pages unless we have specifically asked permission. Backs of heads or first names on written work may appear 

  • Notice for the withdrawal of a child from group lessons, including book club, is three full months before the end of a semester. Otherwise, the semester fees will be due in full. 

  • Parents are required to have health, accident, and liability insurance for their children. 

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