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Lessons to meet the specific learning needs and interests of each child


We have the training, experience and resources to teach kindergarten and primary-aged children. Lessons can be geared to meet the level, learning needs and interests of each child.  We have successfully tutored children who are returning back to their home countries or to an international school overseas and within Switzerland. Some of these have had to sit entrance exams. Increasingly, we are teaching more children who have English as a second language. Here the lessons are tailored towards speaking and comprehension. 

Children in Swiss schools attend two or three English lessons each week. English-speaking children can sometimes acquire a dispensation from one of these lessons in order to attend a private or semi-private English lesson taught by a teacher we employ who have been accredited by the Swiss Authorities, EDK in Bern. 


Where do these classes take place?


Private or semi-private lessons usually can take place in our Wädenswil classroom. Lessons are also possible in Huetten (ZH), in a private classroom in Wollerau or at a pupil's own home or school - whichever is the most convenient.  



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