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Academic Year 2024-5

Fun with Phonics 

Ages Kindergarten-aged children 

Day and time

Monday, and Thursday afternoons

Location Wädenswil Classroom

Fun with Phonics 

Ages Children in KG2

Day and time  Wednesday 14:15  -15.15 

Location Erlenmoos, Wollerau

Fast Phonics

Ages Children in Class 1 

Day and time  Wednesday 16:40  - 17:40 

Location Erlenmoos, Wollerau

A fun and motivating beginners' class for younger children


These classes employ a multi-sensory, synthetic phonics approach in order to learn the underlying skills for reading and writing. We follow the UK Letters and Sounds Programme. In addition, the classes utilise art and craft activities, games, songs, rhymes, stories and puppets to make each lesson really fun and motivating. 


What does this course cover?


  • Learning letter sounds: Children are taught the letter sounds and names.  Each sound covered has a "story" and a corresponding action.

  • Letter formation: Using different multi-sensory methods, children learn how to form and write the upper and lower case letters. 

  • Blending/segmenting skills to read and spell words: To develop underlying phonemic awareness many rhyming activities, segmentation and oral blending activities and phonic games are  used. 

  • Early reading and writing skills: We start with magnetic letters on white boards and progress onto writing words and, finally, simple sentences. Reading skills are taught in class and practised at home. We also use "real" books and fun poems in class and complete a variety of related writing activities.

  • Reading Practise: There is a large collection of graded reading and library books which can be taken  home.  These are guided group readers with related activities or a free choice from a basket of similar levelled books.  

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