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If you are interested in the possibility of your child joining a class or would like to inquire about private lessons please click on the button below to complete the enquiry form.

Links to Literacy GmbH  ​

Group lessons at  Wädenswil  take place at:  Untermosenstrasse 10, 8820, Wädenswil, or at Erlenmoos, 8832, Wollerau

Private lessons can take place in:

Wädenswil (as above), Huetten, 8825 or at a pupil's home or school.

Book Club take place at: Untermosenstrasse 10, 8820, Wädenswil.


Group lessons for younger children

(KG - Class 2)  take place at:


Sihleggstrasse 4, 8832, Wollerau (SZ)

​Come by and we can discuss how we can help develop your child's English skills.

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